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Undead Wasteland Roleplay is an upcoming hardcore survival roleplaying server based in 1996. Undead Wasteland Roleplay is lore-based and will provide the player with quests. Players will have to combat multiple things such as hunger, infection and other players. Undead Wasteland Roleplay requires her players to have a high roleplay standard at all times in order to portray their character as realistic as possible to ensure that everyone’s experience is enjoyable. We have a friendly, mature and professional staff team that will do everything to enforce the server rules and assist our players.

Explore an post apocalyptic mapped GTA San Andreas world in a zombie apocalypse roleplay server and develop your character by progressing your skills, crafting, collecting resources, building your base and more! Will you be a bandit? Or will you help the one’s in need? Will you do whatever it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse?

It was the year 1975 – 20th century when uncertainty and uneasiness has plunged the whole world. While the world was holding its breath in uncertainty of the Cold War, people were feeling relaxed and less concerned in the United States of America. No trouble was getting in their way, everything was going on as it was supposed to be. New jobs, new companies, new opportunities – everything that this faithful land was thought to be a mere dream – was a reality. That’s what atleast daily life of an American consisted of. But to a corporate and government employee of the country – it was an entirely different situation.

The Cold War brought more tense relations and instability in Central Europe, causing many major but unofficial clashes between Soviet Union and United States to spread across other continents and places of the world. The political games of influence were more severe and more drastic than ever before, and the more confrontations the two superpowers had – the more deadlier the conflict was. Besides all the smiles and polite gestures in diplomacy meetings, behind this coldness there was the desire to be the only one influencer on Earth.
Something needed to be done. A weapon that could be as powerful as nuclear bomb, but in different terms. A weapon that could destroy a country by itself, with nobody to blame or accuse. That’s where the Tales of The Old begin.
~ By Pear – UWRP Loremaster

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